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Posted 5.0 months ago @ 8:35AM

SHS Athletic Event Expectations

.           Saline High School Athletic Event Expectations.             


Saline Area Schools and the Saline Athletic Department encourage all students, staff, parents, and community members to attend home athletic events to build school spirit and community pride. Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, we will be allowing all students with a SAS school ID and SAS children under the age of 12 (if accompanied by an adult) to enter home regular-season events free of charge. *Not applicable to MHSAA post-season play due to MHSAA regulations.

To provide expectations for building positive school spirit and community pride, please see the Southeastern Conference Sportsmanship Position from their Constitution and Bylaws below: 

Section 11- Southeastern Conference Sportsmanship Position


The Southeastern Conference stands unified and together on this crucial issue. As the education leaders of our school community, we wish our expectations to be made known to all coaches, players and fans. “Excellence in Sportsmanship” on and off the field of competition is as important as “Excellence in the Classroom.” The values and benefits of extracurricular activities are too numerous to mention, and are too valuable to be placed in jeopardy by the inconsiderate actions of a few. 

By working together, school administrators, coaches, athletes and fans can promote a true appreciation of sports,  inspire fair play, and demonstrate a respect for the integrity and competitive spirit of interscholastic athletics. We will not allow the actions of a few individuals to detract from the true purpose of interscholastic competition. 

Working together we, the Southeastern Conference, can establish consistency from school to school. Together, we can draw on the strengths and convictions of each other. The students, coaches, players and fans of all league schools will discover that no matter where they are, that “Excellence in Sportsmanship – That’s Our Style!” is not only the “theme,” but a way of life in the Southeastern Conference. 

The Southeastern Conference wishes to declare that “Excellence in Sportsmanship – That’s Our Style!” means: 


  1. Cheers and signs are to be positive and respectful. 

  2. Opponents and officials will be treated with courtesy and respect. 

  3. The throwing of objects or the use of noisemakers will not be tolerated. 

  4. We will be supportive in our comments and cheer the good play of all participants. 

  5. Cheers and taunts directed at individual athletes on opposing team(s) will not be tolerated. 

**Administration/event supervisor will remove spectators not following these expectations. 

Southeastern Conference. (2022). Southeast Conference and Bylaws.


As attendees of extracurricular events, all SAS students shall be held responsible for complying with student conduct policies spelled out in their respective Elementary or Secondary Student Handbooks. Violation of these rules will result in the same disciplinary measures that apply during a regular school day.

Furthermore, students should be attending athletic events as spectators and, as such, are not allowed to bring backpacks or other Prohibited items (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; athletic balls, personal speakers, megaphones, air horns/sirens, inflatables, laser pointers, whistles, pets/animals, fireworks, confetti, coolers, etc.) that would distract from watching the game and rooting for their school. Support items that ARE allowed are: thunder sticks, rattles, cow bells, poms, rally towels, and hand held paper signs (as long as no obstruction of view for others and are school appropriate).  School Appropriate Dress is in effect to enter as well - be mindful of how you dress for themed days!

New this year for the upcoming Varsity Football Season: With the safety of all students, parents, and other spectators in mind, the SAS Administration and the Athletic Department are requiring all students not in high school to be accompanied by their guardian(s) or adult chaperone(s) to attend home Varsity Football games. Guardians and adult chaperones are responsible for their student(s) and are required to stay for the entire time their student(s) is in attendance at the game.

Participation and attendance at school events is a privilege, not a right, and can be denied to any student who has violated SAS, SEC, or MHSAA rules and regulations. Represent yourself, your family, and your community well at Home AND Away games by cheering and directing positive energy to your Saline teams.  GO HORNETS!!

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